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International Access Numbers List

For security reasons, we cannot display the access numbers matching specific conference details. Please use the following procedures to get access numbers.

If you are Moderator: log to ArkadinLounge (lounge.anywhereconference.com) with your account credentials, and retrieve your access number list by clicking on the “Download International Access Number List” link in the header. From ArkadinLounge, you can also click on “Start the Audio Console” and follow connection instructions, which also include international access numbers.
If you are a Participant: contact the meeting organizer, and ask for access numbers.

We wish you a pleasant meeting.



Conference Invitation Toolbar Plugins for Outlook & Lotus Notes

Thanks to Arkadin's email toolbar within your email application, you can instantly send invitations and join web and audio conferences. With one-click access to conferences, delayed starts become a thing of the past for you and your attendees!
To download and install the Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes email toolbars, ArkadinAnywhere desktop sharing plugin, please log onto your Lounge selfcare portal.

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