Webcast Elite is proven to drive higher levels of audience engagement through interactivity and accessibility resulting in measureable ROI for all of your marketing and communications programs.

Webcast Elite enables you to present live or build engaging, interactive on-demand presentations with ease, elevating your online communications to the next level. It is the most powerful and easy to use communications tool for the modern business professional, accessible from any device with no downloads, and equipped with real-time analytics to measure the effectiveness of your programs.

Self-service webcasts and webinars devices

Why choose self-service webinars and webcasts by NTT Ltd.?

  • Access from any device, with no downloads or installs required

  • Suite of webcasting widgets to engage audiences with interactivity, social media, related content, and collaboration

  • Enterprise-class scalability, reliability, and support

  • Automatic archiving and a fully interactive on demand experience expands the reach and value of your content

  • Real-time reporting and analytics to measure ROI

  • Customize a fully branded event user environment that maximizes your brand promotion

Features and benefits

  • Management tools
    Easy setup and customization
  • HD content sharing icon
    Present live or record on-demand
  • Meeting management and reporting
    Custom templates and widgets
  • Report and analytics icon
    Real-time analytics and reporting

  • Support and adoption icon
    Powerful interactive elements
  • custom branding icon
  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Security and compliance icon
    Scalable, reliable, and secure
  • Intuitive, self-service webinars and webcasts

    • Easily create and deliver customized and engaging webinars, webcasts and online presentations
    • Attract attendees with professional, organized and branded pages with multimedia elements
    • Choose from common registration fields or create your own
  • Live or on-demand presentations

    • Most advanced presenter toolset in the market
    • Powerful recording and editing tools that enable you to create and publish highly polished on-demand presentations
    • Re-use and customize on-demand content for different channels, user segments, sales assets, and more
  • Interactive and engaging audience experience

    • Choose from a list of custom webcasting templates or design your own
    • Select from an exciting list of interactive widgets to create unique application experiences
    • User controlled experience with moveable windows, multimedia presentations, real-time engagement tools, social media integration, and collaboration tools
  • Measure your ROI with analytics

    • Detailed statistics on registrants and attendees—including time spent viewing your presentation, content downloaded, poll & survey responses, Q&A reports, and social media activity
    • Real-time reporting enables you to evaluate campaign performance and compare yourself to benchmarks
    • Detailed behavioral profile of attendees enables better lead scoring

Enjoy a complete suite of webcasting tools