• The Legend: Webex Meetings

    Cisco Webex Meetings is the industry leader in web and video conferencing, enabling you to be more productive:

    • Highly efficient and collaborative meetings
    • Powerful meeting features allow for quicker, more informed decisions
    • Keep everyone on the same page with meetings that allow all participants to see, hear, and view the same information at the same time, regardless of their location or device
    • Enjoy VoIP connectivity or upgrade to Cloud Connected Audio
  • The Future: Webex Teams

    The next step in the evolution of communication, Webex Teams users engage across mobile, desktop or room systems regardless of their location, meaning team collaboration is now continuous:

    • Drive efficient collaboration before, during and after meetings
    • One-click voice and video calls, meeting joining and scheduling
    • Persistent messages in a team environment
    • Consolidated systems and interfaces deliver on the promise of true connectivity
  • Why Webex Meetings & Teams with NTT Ltd.