Cisco CCA-Arkadin provides the best hybrid (PSTN and VoIP) experience, with native WebEx Meetings and Cisco CMR integration.

Cisco CCA-Arkadin provides the best experience across any device by delivering the service directly from the secure WebEx Cloud, integrating natively with WebEx meetings and Cisco CMR. You get the best of both worlds: telecom cost reduction and superior PSTN conferencing from Arkadin and native Cisco WebEx VoIP.

Arkadin-Cisco WebEx Cloud Connect Audio devices

Why choose Cisco CCA-Arkadin?

  • Integrated WebEx and CMR experience

  • Predictable costs and reduced charges for on-net users

  • Superior PSTN service with global access

  • Premium audio quality with native VoIP from the WebEx Cloud

  • Arkadin professional services

  • 100% OPEX: Leverage current on-premise IP telepohny investments

Features and benefits

  • Native to WebEx VoIP
  • Online collaboration
    Complete WebEx and CMR integration
  • Cloud
    Fast, automatic updates
  • Professional services and implementation

  • Global phone coverage
    Global PSTN conferencing
  • Professional delivery of strategic communications
    Leverage existing on-premise IP investments
  • Support and adoption
    Significant cost savings
  • Report and analytics
    Real-time usage analytics and reporting portal
  • Predictable costs and reduced charges

    • Predictable monthly budgets with flexible enterprise pricing models
    • No telecom charges for VoIP audio conferencing
    • 100% OPEX and leverages customer network to eliminate local and long distant PSTN variable charges
    • Leverages customer investment in on-premise IP telephony to reduce costs
  • Global redundant audio infrastructure

    • Arkadin is the only service provider with a global redundant MPLS connected solution with quality of service and no transcoding
    • Arkadin collects 100% of the customer’s audio traffic, both on-net calls that originate from or terminate to a phone on a customer’s network, and off-net domestic and international dial in and dial out PSTN calls
  • Unmatched user experience with optimal audio

    • Integrated audio, video, and web conferencing across any device
    • Audio bridging hosted and managed in the WebEx Cloud
    • Best VoIP QoS delivered directly from the WebEx Cloud
    • Superior PSTN with global access provided by Arkadin
  • Complete WebEx integration

    • One-click collaboration with a desktop computer and headset
    • Instant access to Cisco CCA-Arkadin
    • Conferencing from the WebEx desktop interface
    • Support of Cisco CMR