Kollective helps dispersed organizations reach hundreds of thousands of employees across the enterprise with live or on-demand video, regardless of location.

The world’s largest and most demanding enterprises trust Kollective for all their video delivery needs. Seamlessly integrate with webcasting platforms including Skype Meeting Broadcast, and Nasdaq, and benefit from Kollective’s self-optimizing and highly configurable enterprise content delivery solution.

Managed webcasts and webinars devices

Why choose Kollective provided by Arkadin?

  • 100% reach across the enterprise, even in remote offices

  • Multilayer security framework that has never failed a security review or been breached

  • Delivery confidence and pre-event Network Readiness Test

  • Arkadin consultative approach and full turnkey solution, including AV production, ensures event success

  • Minimal deployment in just a few weeks

  • Powerful analytics including real-time viewer behavior and network performance

Features and benefits

  • Screen share
    Efficient video delivery
  • Universal interoperability icon
    Greater reach and engagement
  • ROI calculator icon
    No additional hardware or bandwidth required
  • Local country numbers
    Platform agnostic

  • Security and compliance
    Highly secure and compliant
  • Skype for Business icon
    Skype Meeting broadcast integration
  • 24/7 local customer support
    End-to-end managed services and support
  • Support and adoption icon
    Full turnkey solution
  • Superior security

    • Multi-layered security at the core of Kollective proprietary algorithms
    • Content can only be uploaded securely via SSL sessions
    • Endpoints are protected against intrusion, DDoS, and other exploits through user authentication, time-limited session tokens, metadata encryption, hidden “content tickets,” and other sophisticated mechanisms
  • Robust Video on Demand (VoD) support

    • Supported by highly-developed distributed cache and large-file delivery algorithms
    • Content can be delivered on-demand or by subscription for hands-off background delivery
    • APIs enable flexible integration of rich content into portals and management systems
  • Configurability

    • Kollective’s vast array of configuration options allow Kollective to work with any corporate network in existence
    • The Kollective SD ECDN has over 600 parameters that can be configured to control the behavior of the smart grid
  • Operational excellence

    • Kollective has been providing enterprise video solutions for over 16 years to some of the world’s largest and most dynamic organizations
    • Over 4 million end points deployed

Enjoy highly efficient video delivery technology