Unified Communication Solutions

The Benefits of Unified Communication Solutions

Unified communication solutions have gained favour in the business technology marketplace because they deliver clear benefits to the organisations that use them. The benefits of unified communication solutions are many and varied but can be grouped into three main categories:

  • Personal productivity. By seamlessly integrating all communication devices and media types into a common platform with a common interface, unified communications enable on the go personnel to work more efficiently and effectively. No more time wasted trying to manually manage and integrate disparate communication streams; instead, unified communication solutions manage this task by, for example, providing each user an integrated mailbox that aggregates messages of all types (email, voicemail, fax), and enabling users at any time to indicate where they are and by what means they prefer to be contacted.
  • Business intelligence. Unified communication systems enhance situational awareness and agility by, for instance, enabling businesses to always know the best and fastest way to reach personnel at any given time. Unified communication solutions also drive business intelligence by integrating with information-rich resources such as CRM systems, so that an incoming call from a customer automatically brings up relevant data on that customer.
  • Ease of service management. The best unified communication solutions greatly simplify an organisation's management of its communication services, enabling the organisation to work with just one provider, to have just one account and invoice, and implement just one training programme.


Arkadin Delivers Unified Communication Solutions as a Service

Arkadin, one of the world's leading providers of solutions for conferencing calls and business collaboration, makes unified communication even more efficient and agile by delivering it as a service. As a cloud-based service, Arkadin's unified communication solutions provide distinctive benefits including:

  • Rapid, easy system roll-out.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Automatic free system upgrades.
  • Usage-based pricing.
  • Minimal up-front cost.

While Arkadin partners with premier technology providers like Microsoft and Cisco, users of Arkadin's unified communication services benefit from having Arkadin as their single point of contact for consulting and system support. As specialists in business conferencing and collaboration, Arkadin brings unmatched expertise to bear on the design, roll-out, and support of unified communication solutions. And as a global company with offices and resources worldwide, Arkadin provides attentive, localised customer service including live operator support available with every international conference call or video web conference.