Microsoft Teams Calling

Embrace the full power of Microsoft Teams with fully integrated voice services

Tailored. Simple. Flexible.

Your journey to Microsoft Teams Calling with NTT

Now more than ever, businesses need a modern voice solution and phone system capabilities that combines Unified Communications and teamwork, enables seamless communication between teams wherever employees are working and offers a myriad of customer support options.

Microsoft Teams with voice provides the features organizations need to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for employees, business partners and customers.

Your benefits of Microsoft Teams with fully integrated Voice provided by NTT

Optimize your Office 365 investment
Replace legacy PBXs with Cloud Voice
Consolidate disparate communications, collaboration and project tools on a single platform
Simplify user experience and administration
Reduce conferencing costs
Simplify your global cloud voice migration strategy
Bring your own carrier to further enhance your global coverage
Leverage existing on-premises telephony investments while moving to the cloud at your own pace

As Microsoft’s 2019 Intelligent Communications Partner of the Year, we have the experience and expertise to help you on the complex journey to Microsoft Teams with voice, regardless of your requirements.

With our simple and flexible calling plans you can mix and match Microsoft calling plans and our own to meet your exact voice requirements. You can also Bring Your Own Carrier or connect your existing telephony estate with our Universal Calling Plans to get exactly what you need.

Our Advanced Services team will help you figure out the right solution and migration path, take care of the deployment and ensure your project stays on track as well as on budget. Let us help you extend your Microsoft Teams experience by adding voice services as, when and where you need them.

 Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams

NTT enables your entire phone system capabilities with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service, providing extensive global calling plans delivered on our own low-latency global network, with flexible calling plan offers and global support.

Four calling plans for maximum flexibility

  • We provide four universal calling plans—Domestic per Minute, Domestic 180 minutes, Domestic Unlimited and Domestic & International—applicable to any cloud voice system. As calling needs may vary based on user role, device type or location, we allow you to assign and change users and plan types as needed. This flexibility means you will always benefit from the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Global coverage

  • NTT Calling plans include full PSTN replacement in 30 countries, E911 and E411 services and proactive fraud detection.

Advanced capabilities

  • You also have the possibility to mix and match our calling plans with the ones from Microsoft, bring your own carrier or connect to an on-premises IP PBX. 

To find out more about our Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams, download our solution sheet.

Universal Access

Provide Cloud Voice access to your existing telephony estate to create a unified experience for all your end-users in Microsoft Teams. Extend your network to our Voice services and maintain your private network’s end-to-end security while benefitting from our Cloud services without compromising on capacity and availability.


Microsoft Teams Calling Workshop

The implementation of calling solutions can be complex. It involves network remediation, Office365 service deployment, telephone number provisioning and porting, organizational change management and so much more. You may also need to consider legacy equipment that needs to be integrated while you make your transition to the cloud.

Our Advanced Services team is available to help you on the complex journey to Microsoft Teams with voice, regardless of your requirements. In our workshops, we help you figure out the right solution and migration path for your business, ensuring a smooth deployment while your project stays on track as well as on budget.

Microsoft Teams Calling Workshop

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

Record and archive your Microsoft Teams calls, meetings, screen sharing and chat.

ASC Recording Insights is a Microsoft-certified native-built cloud solution for Teams, securely capturing multi-channel communications. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, it integrates seamlessly with your existing collaboration platform.

Protect your business and ensure you are meeting legal or compliance requirements. Retrieve and analyze recordings to detect fraudulent behaviour or use the data to improve how your staff collaborates and serve customers, overall driving better business performance.



To find out more, download our solution sheet.