Workplace Advisory Services

Plan your strategy to move to Cloud UC, identify and address risks

Transitioning to the Cloud

Moving your communications to the cloud can be complicated. It comes with many technical as well as cultural and people challenges. Together with our Advanced Services Team, navigate the complexities of cloud migration and plan for a successful technology and people transformation.

We help you to understand these challenges, uncover unknown risks and develop an actionable plan for your transition to an enterprise grade operational UC environment, including voice. Through our Cloud Deployment Framework methodology, we can provide you with critical time saving and risk adverse guidance for transitioning to Cloud UC, with voice.



From an audit of your existing infrastructure to building user personas and site profiles, we look at every aspect of your current environment before developing a plan for your migration to the cloud. By assessing and mitigating risks in advance, we ensure you migrate on time as well as on budget. We take the time to understand your business objectives and ensure they are achieved.

But we go further than the technical migration alone. Your users and potential resistance from them, change management and a governance framework are just as important and are fully catered for from the start of the project. Because moving to the cloud is about more than deploying a new technology. It’s about deploying a new way of working.

No matter if you’re looking for a quick deployment or a phased approach, need to move your ageing PBX to the cloud, or need customizations to integrate legacy technology - we help you map out the best path to deploy Cloud UC in your business.

Find out more details about our different workshops below.

Solution sheet
Cloud Deployment Framework

Cloud UC Workshops

We offer a range of workshops with different areas of focus to engage your stakeholders, understand your organization and deliver a migration plan tailored to your individual needs. All workshops can be held remotely or face to face.

Workshops may include a Change Management Practitioner, Governance Specialist, UC Consultant and Technical Architect depending on your requirements.

Once the workshops are completed, we will deliver a plan for your migration to begin, considering all technical and people challenges to meet your business objectives.

Calling Workshop

This two-day workshop will guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high- quality, integrated calling. Through ‘Art of the Possible’ demonstrations, use case design and deep dive planning you will obtain actionable recommendations for the deployment and adoption of your UCaaS solution with voice services.


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Microsoft Teams Calling Workshop

Meetings Workshop

This two-day workshop is designed to showcase modern meetings through immersive experiences, use case design and deep dive planning resulting in actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt modern meeting and meeting room solutions.



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Microsoft Teams Meeting Workshop

Secure Remote Work Workshop

Enable your team to work from anywhere with a remote workshop to securely deploy your Cloud UC solution. During this one-day workshop, we’ll show you how you can use modern workplace solutions to maintain and enhance productivity within a secure and controlled environment.

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Securely deploy Microsoft Teams for remote working

Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to move your communications to the cloud? Find out in this workshop and obtain a comprehensive Customer Success Plan for your migration to Cloud UC. This will help you ensure your journey is a success and allow you to realize the ROI of your investment. The workshop takes one or two days depending on the selected options.

Product Sheet
Microsoft Teamwork Assessment

Accessibility & Inclusion Readiness Workshop

Where are you on the journey to creating a more accessible, welcoming work environment for people with disabilities? Fostering an inclusive workplace with Assistive Technology (AT) can help retain valuable employees, boost productivity and keep your people happy and healthy. As there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a sustainable culture of accessibility, participate in a fully funded Microsoft Teams workshop to find out what your organization can do.

Modernize Communications Workshop

Assigning an Operator to Teams has never been more straight forward. For clients looking to include business critical enhancements, this workshop will provide you with a clear transition plan.

Connecting educators to deliver better
learning outcomes


Discover how University College London (UCL), with 13,000 staff and over 40,000 students, was able to consolidate their communication and collaboration platform into a simpler yet more powerful and cost-effective solution with our services and expertise.

‘NTT Ltd. understands the technology experience we want to provide for our staff and students and always focuses on our best interests. They understand our goals and support us by providing solutions that bring them to life at speed.’

Ian Calkin, UCC Team Lead, UCL