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Achieving Marketing ROI with Webcasting Solutions

This whitepaper outlines how marketing professionals can use webcasting solutions at each stage of the purchase funnel to achieve their organizational goals and maximize marketing ROI.


For a memorable event... 

Enjoy the next generation of webcast solutions

Deliver online presentations with audio, video, slides and improve the impact of your strategic communications. Thanks to our innovative webcast technology, your attendees can even use social media features to instantly share the webcast content through social networks.

Whether your audience is large, strategically sensitive, internal or external, our solution enables you to maximize engagement and increase your ROI.

Rich media

Share more engaging content  


Get live feedback from your audience


Stable, redundant infrastructures

Full branding

Customize your entire event

Vertical solutions

Perfect for specific professional applications


Boost your company image and reputation


An innovative, cutting edge and customizable webcasting tool

Arkadin Webcast is the affordable technology that allows you to deliver online presentations with audio, video and slides. You can also interact with your audience, whether there are 50 or thousands of live attendees.

Your attendees don‘t need a phone: audio is streamed and played directly on their computer. As a web-based solution, no download is required, for either the presenters or the attendees.


Enjoy the interactivity and social media dimension of Arkadin Webcast

Redefine your webcast experience by including social media functionality, webcam and streaming videos with external links to added-value content plus much more. By selecting as many features and widgets as you want, you create your own event environment.

Meet our expert team and let them guide you step-by-step

Our specialists guide you through the whole process and recommend the best package to fit your needs:

  • A project manager, helping you design your event
  • Specially trained conference operators, for any live assistance
  • A team of technical experts including sound engineers, cameramen and more
  • Simultaneous translators
  • Plus Arkadin local assistance in 15 languages

You will benefit from a highly personalized service.

Arkadin Webcast is the perfect solution for all your departments' needs


Sales & Marketing

Lead generation, product launches, virtual tradeshows, sales kick-offs, results announcements

For powerful communication with your prospects, clients, partners or sales teams, you need to maximize the visual impact, and also ensure that anybody can join from their office, hotel, or mobile phone.
Organizing a webinar will allow you to promote your brandengage your audience, and provide in-depth information to your target audiences.



Product trainings, Continued Professional Education (CPE), Continued Medical Education (CME)

By offering interactive training sessions for employees, partners and customers, and by providing post-event on-demand replay, you optimize the efficiency of your message.
Everybody can learn at anytime, from anywhere, and you simply track the attendance rate and the knowledge assessment of your training by using the polling and reporting features.


Internal Communications

Internal communications, executive committees, CEO announcements

Use rich media and social networking to reach and engage your community, while reducing the time to market of your message. By communicating in this innovative way, you convey a professional image of your company that says more than just your message.



Human Resources

Induction programs, manager coaching sessions

By including a webcam stream into your webinar, you strengthen the human dimension, without the need to have everyone in the same room.
Use multiple speakers, survey questions, and live Q&A to make your HR communication more enjoyable and memorable.


Key features for successful Webcasts

By providing you with the latest webcasting features on the market, such as social networking, live reporting, interactivity or high customization, Arkadin ensures that you will deliver the best experience to your attendees.


Interactivity is a guarantee of audience engagement

The most advanced webcasting solution available:

  • User controlled experience
  • Real time engagement tools: polls, surveys, live-chat and Q&A
  • Widgets maximize your audience attention: speaker bios, downloadable resources, social media, group chat

Social Webcasting
Allow attendees to connect and share content with social networks:

  • Your audience can tweet, share, and comment on your content
  • Easily add and configure Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as part of your webcasts

Advanced branding
Take the opportunity to promote your company brand, products and services:

  • Add your logo to all event pages, including registration, webcast lobbies, email communications, and the webcast user console
  • Customize the webcast user console using images, colors and stylized text elements that reflect your corporate identity

Real Time Analytics
Live and post-event reporting and analytics for higher ROI:

  • Web-based reporting portal for instant measurement
  • Detailed statistics combined with attendee activity tracking

Event Registration
Capture important and qualifying data about your audience:

  • Design your own registration pages to collect audience demographics and measure interest
  • Automatically generate confirmations, reminders, and follow-up emails

Accessibility to anyone, anywhere, from any device
Extend the reach of your strategic communications to everyone, including mobile users, without requiring any special configuration:

  • Now, users can view live and on-demand webcasts on any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Supports flash and non-flash devices
  • Extend the life of your content and allow access on-demand for those people that missed the initial broadcast
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