For easy, secure and high quality audio conferencing at an increased ROI

The sky's the limit with the Cloud

A new generation of audio collaboration for cutting-edge global communication

With the new Arkadin audio conferencing services hosted on the Cloud Collaboration Platform, global conferencing becomes very easy with a single list of country access numbers. Simple collaboration, one set of numbers, only one list...


Arkadin's new platform is a private IP network in the Cloud that offers you the best in collaboration services:

  • Simplicity: single set of country numbers and
    local live-assistance
  • Quality: innovative technology and infrastructure design
  • Security: high resilience and platform redundancy
  • Increased ROI: international conferencing at local access rates


Single set of country access numbers

With Arkadin, it’s very simple to collaborate around the world:

  • All your employees use the same list of country access phone numbers regardless of their locations or the location of their conferences
  • Your administrators just have a single list of numbers to manage and deploy
  • Participants also benefit from Arkadin Client Care, available at any time in local language

Premium audio quality

All international calls are routed on one bridge - the moderator and  all participants are in the same meeting room - ensuring superior audio quality: 

  • No risk of audio quality degradation
  • No voice compression
  • Removal of latency and acoustic echo
  • Instant & high quality support from Arkadin Client Care

Maximum security

Voice data transported through the Arkadin private IP network to maintain data integrity:

  • Arkadin infrastructure uses equipment and networks from Tier-1 technology providers including Radysis
  • Each component of Arkadin’s network (software and equipment) is backed-up and our IP network is duplicated by design


Competitive international conferencing

International calls connect into Arkadin’s network at local country access rates and are transported through it at a competitive international routing rate:

  • Very cost effective for high volume users of international collaboration
  • Especially economical in emerging markets charging high telecom rates

With the additional implementation of SIP Trunking you can bypass carrier access costs by integrating your corporate IP network into Arkadin's Platform.


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