Organizations know that availability of a product or feature does not automatically equal adoption. Large, global organizations are choosing us to guide them through their transformation journeys because of our experience in user adoption to realize ROI and user engagement.

As the Microsoft Intelligent Communication partner of the Year, we have been formally recognized for our approach to successful user onboarding. We provide Adoption plans, from the outset, and work with organizations to provide the right plans to ensures users are ready and provide ongoing training to maximize your investment.

Adoption & Change Management

The key to effective digital transformation is encouraging a culture change across your organization and changing the way people work from the ground up. The Cloud Communications Division of NTT is the ideal partner to not only help you implement an Intelligent Communication solution but also ensure its success by driving adoption and integration.

Research shows that 70% of all transformations fail, but our proven Adoption and Change Management methods work to improve that statistic. Our Organizational Change Management team will guide your executive team and users to success through user and culture analysis, constant engagement, overcoming resistance to change, and ultimately live and onsite training.

Using Chat, Meetings, Live Events, Calling, Teams and Channels, we help you move Microsoft Teams onto every desktop. We aim to avoid long periods of co-existence and lack of Microsoft Teams governance structure. Success is achieved when most end users view Microsoft Teams as a trusted and valuable productivity tool, by taking the following steps:

  • Deliver our workshop with our Adoption and Change Specialist and identified stakeholders from your organization
  • A business sponsor will be identified and will communicate the what and the why for the change, to create a change champion network.
  • Microsoft Teams is then deployed in phases, across your company alongside your existing solutions. This enables us to establish a Microsoft Teams governance framework.
  • Training is offered to end users and change champions. The focus is on understanding how to use Microsoft Teams chat, Teams, and channels to be more productive.
  • Business sponsors, line managers, and change champions drive change by encouraging usage. Working with deployment teams, they then measure and track end user satisfaction and usage to use for future planning.