Mon, 10/04/2010 - 00:00 Asia Pacific

Arkadin wins 2010 Asia Pacific Growth Strategy Leadership Award in the Conferencing Service Market

2010 Asia Pacific Growth Strategy Leadership Award

Arkadin is definitely emerging as one of the leading alternatives to market incumbents in the Asia Pacific; this is great because it increases competition and drives innovation in the region.
Arkadin registered the highest increase in revenues in the Asia Pacific region in the past three years as a result of improved customer experience by continual investments into its bridging infrastructure, and by increasing its reach into the Asia Pacific markets. Despite the economic setback in 2009, the company witnessed an impressive growth of over 40 percent in the Asia Pacific audio conferencing services market.
Its compelling geographical expansion in emerging countries and increasing indirect sales channels in mature markets across the region are key drivers for the company's success. Moving forward, its strategic partnership with SingTel and other partners alike is expected to increase its market reach and enhance end user experience in its Asia Pacific businesses, especially in ASEAN and the Greater China region.

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