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Conferencing Calls Come of Age

Conferencing calls are a mainstay of modern commerce. As a valued means of remote collaboration, conferencing calls have in recent years become an even more pervasive part of how business is conducted, as conferencing calling technology has evolved to better serve changing business needs. While conferencing calls have evolved in numerous ways, the most significant developments from business users' perspective is the progression from audio to video to web conferencing, and the shift from centralised technologies toward ones that are decentralised and agile.

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From Audio to Video to Web Conferencing Calls

The progression from audio to video to web conferencing has been driven by maturing technologies and by business needs. While the conventional audio conference call has long enabled groups of participants to engage in long-distance exchange of information and ideas, video conferencing emerged to satisfy the desire for a richer collaboration experience that captured the non-verbal elements of communication and team building.

More recently, conferencing calls often take the form of a web conferencing meeting. A web conference or "virtual meeting" enables geographically separated participants to share a common, interactive desktop view on their computers – ideal for an era in which PowerPoint presentations are frequently a focal point of meetings, and in which the objects of group collaboration are often digital, such as documents, graphics, or application GUIs.

From Centralised to Decentralised Conferencing Calls

It used to be that conferencing calls meant two physically separated groups of participants, with each group clustered around audio or video conferencing equipment. Today, with an ever-more dispersed and mobile workforce, the trend has been toward conferencing solutions that are decentralised and agile, requiring that participants have only a phone or (in the case of video or web meetings) a desktop or laptop PC with internet connection. The best video and web conferencing solutions leverage standard browser capabilities and do not require meeting participants to download or install anything.

Arkadin: The Conferencing Specialists

Arkadin is a leading provider of conferencing and unified communications solutions and services. Devoted entirely to the remote collaboration market since our founding in 2001, Arkadin now services the global conferencing needs of thousands of organisations, including some of the world's largest corporations. We offer a cloud service delivery model that makes service adoption fast and easy even for multi-national enterprises. Our significant expertise in the area of global conferencing and collaboration and our worldwide network of offices enables us to deliver attentive, localised service whenever and wherever our customers need us.