Make Your Next Meeting a Virtual Meeting

For a growing number of businesses, the virtual meeting has emerged as the remote collaboration forum of choice. In a virtual meeting, dispersed participants with internet-connected personal computers share a common interactive desktop view. Typically used in combination with integrated audio conferencing, these on line meetings are perfectly suited to a variety of modern remote collaboration scenarios, such as:

  • Delivering slide show presentations to dispersed audiences.

  • Collaborative work on digital content such as documents, reports, graphics, or software.

  • Remote training on how to use a new software application.

  • Lead-generating webinars.

  • Software helpdesk support.

  • Software product launches.

In these scenarios and more, on line collaboration in the form of a virtual meeting allows for clearer communication and more productive interaction than the conventional audio or video conference.

Your Virtual Meeting Host

We are one of the largest and fastest growing conferencing and collaboration providers, is the best choice to power your virtual meeting:

We maintain a world-class private IP network that delivers superior resilience, security, and networking intelligence. Our global collaboration platform underlies our audio, video, and web conferencing services and is particularly adept at supporting the international conference call, with innovative technology that enables far-flung participants to use a single set of local access numbers.

Through us, you can find solutions for all of your virtual meeting use cases, whether it's for everyday project status meetings, lead-generating webinars, or webcasts to large online audiences. With integrated multipoint HD video technology, we also support a video web conference with up to 15 participants.

As a cloud-based service, we let you quickly and easily deploy solutions for audio, video, and conferencing online, with minimal up-front cost. Our cloud collaboration service scales with you as your needs grow, and includes automatic free upgrades as enabling technologies evolve

We back our audio, video, and virtual meeting solutions with exceptional customer service, including live local operator support available for every domestic and global conference call. We also offer expert professional services that leverage our decade of experience as conferencing and collaboration specialists.