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7 Things to Look for in a Phone Conference Solution

If you're looking for the right phone conference solution for your organisation, this checklist can help guide your research and decision. The same list helps show why Arkadin is the fastest growing global conferencing solutions provider: Contact Us

Fast and easy roll-out. We offer a cloud-based global collaboration service that allows even our largest international customers to roll out company-wide conference calling capabilities quickly and easily. Our cloud delivery model for phone conference services also minimises your ongoing maintenance requirements.

Versatility. We support all your phone conference needs, ranging from impromptu, informal conferences that you can initiate on demand, to professionally managed, operator-assisted conferences with features like Q&A sessions, call transcriptions, and call recording and play-back. We also offer tailored solutions for specific needs like investor relations conferences and solutions for the legal and education markets.

Convenience. With us, you can initiate an on-demand phone conference at any time, from anywhere. An intuitive web interface lets moderators schedule and manage conference calls, and our productivity plugins make it easy to integrate conferencing scheduling and invitation functionality into Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Security. In our collaboration cloud, conference call connections do not transit through the public network, and you have the option of providing secure PIN codes to each individual for secure access.

Audio quality. Our phone conference service has no voice compression, latency, or echo, and utilizes the shortest possible routes to the IP bridge to minimise degradation of voice quality.

Service. We are simply unmatched when it comes to servicing our customers. We provide local language live operator support for each and every phone conference, and offer expert professional services to help customers choose and implement the best possible collaboration solution for their particular needs.

A path to unified communications. In addition to phone conference service, we can provide you a complete, integrated communication suite including video and web conference service, all delivered from the cloud and simple to deploy and use.

The Collaboration Specialists

Unlike some providers in the collaboration solutions market, we are devoted entirely to meeting the collaboration needs of our customers. This clarity of purpose helps us deliver superior collaboration solutions and services.