How Well Will Your Conferencing Provider Support Global Collaboration?

Business today is increasingly international, and business collaboration often means global collaboration.

Global collaboration is imperative for enterprises that have business units in multiple countries, and for the many companies whose relations with suppliers, partners, and outsourcing providers span national borders. Businesses choosing a conferencing solutions provider need to carefully consider the provider's capacity for effectively supporting global collaboration. Even businesses whose operations and reach are purely domestic should look ahead to the day when their needs may expand, and select a provider who can well accommodate international collaboration as well as domestic.


The Global Collaboration Experts

We are a leading provider of conferencing and unified communications solutions. For organisations with global collaboration needs, we are the clear choice:

  • Unlike some providers in the conferencing space, we are devoted solely to this business. Since our inception in 2001,we have been a conferencing and collaboration specialist. bringing expertise to our customer relationships, particularly on the challenges of and best solutions for global collaboration.

  • We have deep experience in assessing and fulfilling the communication and collaboration needs of large, multinational corporations. Our services facilitate the conferencing calls of some of the world's largest companies, including about one-third of the Fortune 500.

  • Our networking infrastructure is global in scope, and optimised to support the demands of global collaboration. Leveraging the most advanced routing technologies, our IP network enables worldwide all PSTN and IP connections for a conference to converge to an intelligent dispatcher that routes to the one local bridge most appropriate to that conference. By hosting each international conference call on a single, optimally located bridge, our network eliminates the delay in connection between bridges and the chance of quality degradation when transmitting voice over IP. Further, our system enables the use of a single set of access numbers by all participants in a global conference call, regardless of their location

  • We are truly global in its operations, services, and perspective, with 45 offices across 27 countries. For all of your audio calls, video calls, and on line meetings, we offer live operator support, in 14 languages. It's the combination of worldwide infrastructure with localised services that make us the best choice solution to your global collaboration needs .