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Replace my phone system with Skype for Business

Replace phone system with Skype for Business

Your problem:

Although you may already have a VoIP phone system as opposed to traditional landlines, you may still find yourself limited by traditional desktop phone technology. You are probably facing some of the following challenges:

  • High costs and complexity in managing existing on-premise phone system
  • Challenging to expand and scale
  • Managing multiple office locations with different phone systems
  • Maintaining obsolete phone systems that are no longer manufactured, or require constant hardware upgrades
  • No resiliency or failover capabilities
  • No centralized management for the entire phone system
  • Burdening IT budgets
  • Multiple invoices to manage from different vendors and providers

Arkadin's solution:

As the Microsoft Office 365 voice experts, Arkadin will help your organization migrate to the Cloud with Arkadin Total Connect and standardize Unified Communications on Skype for Business. Arkadin can support organizations of any size, from SMBs to very large global companies with Cloud deployments that meet your organization’s requirements.

Arkadin connects Exchange Online to Skype for Business with a call plan and phone number to deliver enterprise-ready phone systems in the Cloud. Arkadin Total Connect provides the two key components - Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling plans, which turn Skype for Business into a Unified Communications solution.

Enjoy key benefits:

Significant cost savings with minimal CapEx

  • Eliminate the need for on-premise PBX systems, software, and hardware:
  • Greatly reduce upfront costs by paying as you grow
  • Cut maintenance costs and IT staff (internal or third-party consultants) to manage and configure phone systems
  • Standardized on IP phones for your employees
  • Expand easily without high infrastructure costs

Consolidate telephony, conferencing, and collaboration in a single solution:

  • Eliminate services from multiple vendors
  • One invoice for all services
  • Standardize Unified Communications on Office 365 and Skype for Business
  • Execute your BYOD mobile-centric strategy by enabling users with the mobile app

Cloud business phone solution provides advanced features:

  • Easily transfer calls between offices, dial extensions and call internationally
  • Forward calls to any device, connect on wi-fi using the mobile app, access voicemail, active directory, and unified messaging
  • Provide your users flexibility with their preferences with features like in-call device switching, simultaneous ringing to other users and numbers, calendar based call routing, group/team calling, and more

Rapid Cloud solution deployment and centralized management:

  • Get up and running in the Cloud in a matter of a day to a few days
  • Easily port numbers
  • Manage your phone system across the enterprise remotely from an online portal
  • Connect and unify all your office locations
  • Simplify your security management

Improve employee productivity:

  • Skype for Business enables advanced phone and UC features into a single platform – audio, web and video conferencing, IM/presence, telephony, file share, and more
  • Consistent meeting experience from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device
  • Improve employee productivity from increased collaboration among internal employees, customers, and partners
  • Employees can easily set their communication preferences and rules based on what works best for them

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