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Increase audience engagement in my virtual meetings

Audience engagment

Your problem:

Have you ever hosted a virtual meeting and wondered how many folks were actually paying attention? Without a direct view of the audience, it’s difficult to keep discussions lively, adjust the pace, and call audibles to the talk track.

Arkadin's solution:

With Adobe Connect’s Engagement Dashboard, the online rules of engagement have changed. Presenters can now measure audience attentiveness in virtual meetings just as easily as physical meetings.

The Engagement Dashboard is a graphical index, or meter, that gives presenters in Adobe Connect a visual, birds-eye view of the audience’s overall engagement health. As a result, Q&As, interactive polls, file downloads and participant chats are all measured in real-time and assigned a visual score.

The score is measured over a period of 1 minute, with various activities contributing different point values. The meter is refreshed every 1-2 minutes, and a report is available as part of the post-meeting analysis. This allows presenters to go back, review, and make future improvements to their presentation.

Enjoy tips for keeping participants engaged:

Adobe Connect provides a number of tools to deliver engaging virtual meetings easily and effectively. Here are some ideas that you can adapt for your situation:

  • Judiciously use a lobby layout and the waiting time before the start of the meeting to gather feedback
  • Have a panel of experts answering questions through the moderated Q&A
  • Use frequent polls to gather useful information, and also plan to share that information with the other participants using the broadcast results option
  • Take live feedback in a manner similar to how you would do it in a physical meeting using the attendee status option of agree or disagree
  • Use weblinks and file share pods to share important information like whitepapers or product information brochures
  • Establish a designated hash tag for the webinar and encourage participants to use it

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Learn how Adobe Connect can help you deliver more compelling and immersive virtual meetings, maximize attendance, and measure audience engagment for optimized results.

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Case study:

Global security leader Symantec Corporation features a team of 50+ instructors training on a global basis to certify students on Symantec products, ranging from security to storage and network-monitoring solutions. Adobe Connect was selected for its feature-rich conferencing and training functionality.

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We needed a partner with Adobe Connect expertise to provide comprehensive training so our instructors could be confident in the virtual environment when teaching our clients. Arkadin’s value-added unlimited training was an important consideration.