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Deliver millennial friendly meeting solutions

Millennial friendly solutions

Your problem:

Millennials will make up 75% of the US workforce by 2025. They have changed the enterprise working environment. These digital natives of the ‘selfie generation’ want a different work/life balance. But you haven’t adapted to how and when this generation works. They want choice and flexibility – to work from any location, and on any device, at anytime. Many expect mobility and telecommuting from an employer. Millennials like social media interaction and video. Your traditional enterprise may be facing challenges related to meeting interaction, interoperability, and mobility.

Arkadin's solution:

We understand how Millennials work. Arkadin’s portfolio of next generation solutions make meetings more personal, interactive, and flexible. Our audio, web, video, UC, and events solutions mimic the same fast and seamless user experience that Millennials love on their phones and apps. We provide persistent chat and meeting rooms, video-first meetings, interoperability, and enable your BYOD strategy.

At Arkadin, we deliver omnipresence and flexible meetings.

Enjoy key benefits:

  • Mobile-centric meetings and BYOD practices that appeal to millennials
  • Interactive and customizable meetings focused on delivering multimedia content any way you want
  • Easy access to meetings that include persistent rooms and consistent meeting experience across any device
  • Multi-party meetings and large events in HD video
  • All-in-one communications and collaboration solutions that simplify workflows by working the way you prefer

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Read more about how the nature of the workforce is evolving as digital-savvy millennials become the information workers of tomorrow:

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Talk to our experts now

Get in touch with our service advisors for fast friendly service on the best solutions for you.

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Case study:

Continental, one of the top worldwide automotive suppliers, sees cost and time efficiency savings with Arkadin. Arkadin provides audio services and Cisco WebEx that result in less traveling, faster processes, and convenient communications for Continental employees around the globe.

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BlueJeans found that 72% of employees feel that live video has the power to transform the way they communicate at work and 69% believe that increased use of video conversations would help employee retention at all levels within the organization.
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