A high quality web meeting for a trouble-free conference

 When setting up a web meeting for the first time, people have three questions:

  • How do I install the software to begin my web conference?
  • Will the sound quality be smooth during the entire meeting?
  • Is the interface easy to use?

Arkadin’s web conferencing solutions take the worry out of web meetings:

  • You benefit from instant access without software installation
  • Thanks to VoIP technology, you can be sure the sound is always excellent
  • And the intuitive interface enables rapid adoption with minimal training
Why choose Arkadin Anywhere

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Web conferencing services for a new generation of webinars

Arkadin’s simple, intelligent webinar solutions take the stress and hassle out of organizing digital events. Whether you’re a presentation pro or a total beginner, you’ll be in perfect control during your webinars with Arkadin.

Arkadin provides real time assistance. Simply use the webinar interface to call anytime to quickly resolve any technical issue. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to Arkadin’s round-the-clock customer service, available in 15 languages.

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How to make online training a breeze

Many companies think web conferencing is complicated, but Arkadin solutions make things simple. Participants can join an online training session without any downloads or installations. A computer, a webcam and a high speed internet connection are all that’s needed for your employees to benefit from a high-performance online training program anytime, anywhere in the world.

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