Web meetings from your smartphone or tablet: Anywhere, Anytime

Saving is one of the major benefits of web conferencing – saving time, money and resources. With an Arkadin web meeting solution, you can now organize a meeting right from your home. In fact, our web meeting service allows you to set up all types of meetings with a click of a link.

Easily communicate with partners, providers and branches at home and around the world.  Begin, follow and participate in a web meeting using just your phone or tablet.

Why choose self-service webcasts and webinars

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VoIP technology: Premium sound quality for your webinars

VoIP is a hybrid audio technique that allows access to conferences from a desktop or phone. When you hold a webinar for your customers, you want perfect broadcast quality to get your message to your audience with no loss of clarity. VoIP technology allows your broadcast quality to be as clear as if you were in the same room with the speaker..

Realize the benefits of saving time, efficiency, and reduced costs.

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Interoperability: The new standard in web conferencing

An old limitation of web conferencing was if a spokesperson didn’t have the same web meeting solution as you, you couldn’t have the meeting. Interoperability resolves this issue. Companies like Blue jeans, make it possible to link participants who have different devices and conferencing platforms.

The standardization of global telecommunications depends upon interoperability. With Arkadin web conferencing solutions, you’ve already got the technologies you need.

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Why choose self-service webcasts and webinars