Web conferencing solutions provided by Arkadin

Quality web meeting solutions not only enables conferences and discussions between multiple suppliers or clients, but offers many other advantages:

  • Remote collaboration: A simple click allows participants to share their desktops with others
  • Audio and web recording: Record your web meetings to instantly share with your participants
  • Instant invitations: Invite new participants anytime during your web meetings without disturbing the meeting continuity
  • Chat management: Dashboard shares when new messages and who the active speaker is, just as in real meetings
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Web conferencing services: Take your webinars to the next level

It’s essential to choose the right webinar solution when making the move to online webinar meetings. Web conferencing by Arkadin offers a wide range of features for enhancing presentations such as:

  • Full-screen sharing capability
  • Up to 4 webcams shared simultaneously
  • Video panel to use multiple screens
  • Chat capabilities to send messages during meetings

Collect real-time and post-event analytics of your webinars, including:

  • Number of participants and absentees
  • Detailed statistics combined with attendee activity tracking
  • Conference report emailed to the conference leader
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Educate employees with online training services

Monitor employee progression during training sessions. Innovate and train from anywhere, at any time with an online training solution.

By measuring the time participants spend on each session, you can estimate their individual training progression. Another feature of Arkadin’s online training solution offers real time employee grading for instant summaries of individual results.    

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