Traditional meetings with less planning

One of the biggest arguments against moving to a cloud-based web conference solution is that communication is more effective when you can see others face-to-face. We couldn't agree more. That's why Arkadin offers online solutions equipped with HD image quality coupled with a VoIP phone system.

Realize the full power of web conferencing:

  • No more travel costs.
  • No call cost for meeting participants.
  • Save time with meetings that are easy to set up and use.
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Web Conferencing free trial

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Interactive Web Conferences for Large Events

Improve your events by adding web conferencing to your next big presentation.

  • Use Q&A and video features to increase engagement.
  • Chat with all parties at once.
  • Collect details about your participants both before and after the conference.
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Online training

Web conferences are a low-cost and efficient way to facilitate training in your company. Virtual trainings can be held from anywhere at any time.

  • Keep progress reports for all online web conference training sessions.
  • Real time grading offers instant summaries and feedback for employees.
  • Participants can join classroom sessions from mobile devices so that they never fall behind.

Web conferencing is a key to driving productivity, efficiency, and company revenue. With an Arkadin web conference, you can organize and attend online meetings from your home or office. You can even join a web conference from your phone or tablet device.

Technologies change every day and Arkadin offers the highest quality support and services available for all of your web conference or communication needs.

  • Share up to four HD videos with your users to add the important face-to-face elements to your web conferences.
  • Send invitations to the conference instantly so that anyone who needs to join the conference will be able to.
  • Record your web conferences to provide an educational library for your employees to refer to when they have questions.
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