Arkadin SmartStart is an innovative onboarding programme designed by Arkadin. It allows new users to easily get started with their Arkadin conferencing services, showing how to get the most from them and enabling rapid adoption into everyday use.

Recognised across the industry as a game changer in user adoption, SmartStart was awarded the 2017 Gold ‘Best-in-Biz International’ Award for Best New Product Feature of the Year. It has increased adoption rates to a record high of 62% compared to an industry average of only 24%, and continues to reduce average time to adoption, which is now 26 days – 9 less than the number prior to the launch of SmartStart.


So what actually is SmartStart?



SmartStart combines a user-friendly online portal with a series of emails to show people how to start using and get the most from their Arkadin collaboration solution. The programme actively encourages user adoption and is available with Arkadin’s Vision (video), Anywhere (web) and Anytime (audio) conferencing tools, with Cisco WebEx provided by Arkadin soon to be added to the mix. Its key feature is that it takes only 10 minutes of a user’s time to reach a level of competency.

SmartStart breaks down the barriers to making use of newly introduced conferencing solutions and helps to make sure no one feels left behind by advances in technology. And by delivering meaningful, automated guidance to every individual user in an accessible and manageable format, it relieves the IT department of their traditional role in overcoming user issues.


How does SmartStart work?

SmartStart is divided into two phases: Induction and Adoption. When a new Arkadin platform has been rolled out, a welcome email is sent to each user to notify them that their personalised adoption portal has been opened for them. Upon clicking through to SmartStart, their onboarding journey begins.



The online portal is divided into four areas of service induction. Each one provides a different aspect of learning which, once accessed by the user, is marked as complete on the home screen. Upon completion of all four stages, a ‘fully fledged collaborator’ trophy is awarded. The four stages are:

  • Email toolbars – quick access to downloadable toolbars for Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome and Lotus Notes, allowing for easy launch of services from within a familiar environment.
  • Mobile download – guiding users to the relevant application for their mobile devices from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play, enabling the platform to be used on the move.
  • Training videos – highly effective visual guidance on critical aspects of the user experience, designed to give people the confidence to get started.
  • Hints and Tips – bite-sized pieces of information that answer common user queries and act as a guide towards effective usage.

In addition, during the induction phase, a weekly email is sent drawing attention to specific areas of resource and helping to engage users with the new platform. These emails focus on the four areas of the portal but are only sent if the user has not yet accessed the area in question.

The very low time investment required from each user to complete the induction phase, coupled with its self-paced digital delivery, prevents it from becoming daunting and maximises user engagement.


After the initial induction phase, a weekly email is sent once a month for the following five months, giving helpful advice on how to maximise the effectiveness of the platform and also offering encouragement to those who have not yet started using their service. This further stage of SmartStart ensures that users continue to discover the advanced features of their conferencing platform to hopefully get the most from it.


In summary…

SmartStart boosts both the rate and speed of user adoption. It is delivered via a user-friendly online portal which allows users to access the support in their own time and at their own pace. It equips everyone with what they need to make a success of contemporary conferencing facilities and ensures team success in today’s demanding business environment.

To find out more, please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you are an existing customer. If not, contact our Sales team to discuss conferencing solutions, with the assurance of SmartStart for adoption success.