• Arkadin Vision
    • Where can I find my credentials?

      Your credentials have been sent within a Welcome Email named “Your Arkadin Collaboration personal details. SAVE this email!”. You will find there your Web Login and your Moderator Pin necessary to start a meeting. Participants Pin is also available for your colleagues to join your Digital Meeting Space.

    • Can I join a meeting on ArkadinVision from a Room System?

      Yes ArkadinVision offers interoperability between all endpoints including legacy room system. To connect to your meeting, dial your Web login followed by “@anw.li” or enter the IP address dedicated to your country and then enter weblogin followed by #. If you are joining as a host, enter your Moderator Pin code to start the meeting.

    • Can I join a meeting on ArkadinVision from Skype for Business?

      Yes ArkadinVision offers interoperability between all endpoints including Skype for Business. To join as a moderator enter within the search bar your Web Login followed by “@anw.li” and enter your Moderator Pin code. If you are joining as a host, enter your Moderator Pin code to start the meeting. Just note your application must support Skype for Business Federation.

    • I can’t select any audio device to join ArkadinVision with Chrome or Firefox , what do I need to do?
      • Go to the audio control panel on your computer, make sure your speakerphone is correctly enabled in the list of Playback devices, and then check the list of Recording devices to ensure your microphone is also enabled there.
      • I have checked my microphone is enabled from the audio control panel but I still can’t be heard by the participants. From the URL box of your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, make sure you allowed the browser to access your microphone. Go to the Media settings to define permission per device.
    • Can I share content with the other attendees during a meeting?

      Yes. Just click once on the icon displayed on the top right corner of the screen to start sharing your desktop. If you have several monitors, select the one you want to share. To stop sharing clicking again on this icon. During your sharing, participants are able to switch from content sharing to video sharing. To share content you need to install an app-share plugin. You can find it on your login page at www.anywhereconference.com. Once installed, you will be asked to restart your browser to enable the app-share plugin.

    • I can’t share my webcam or microphone from Internet Explorer or Safari?

      On the left panel you will see on your first connection an Adobe Flash windows requesting your approval to access your camera and microphone. Click on “Allow” to make sure you will be sharing your devices. To avoid future requests, right click on the screen icon at the bottom left of the windows and select settings. There select “Allow” and “Remember” to make sure you won’t be asked again to allow access to your devices.

  • Cisco Webex
    • How do I start ArkadinVision?

      You will find in your Welcome Email the URL to go in order to launch ArkadinVision. Once there, enter your Web Login and Moderator Pin. You may be able to save them within your browser to not enter them each time you want to join your meeting room.

    • Where can I find the Outlook plugin?

      You can download the Outlook plugin customized with your own credentials from SmartStart or from the Arkadin portal after login in to ArkadinVision.

    • Can I connect to ArkadinVision through my mobile?

      Yes, from the Arkadin mobile applications available on the Apple Store or Google Play, you are able to join a meeting or manage a meeting. The app allows you to share your video and audio and to get the audio, video and the content shared by the other attendees. With the Apple Store or Google Play just enter “Arkadin” in the search bar, download the app and enter once your Web Login and Moderator or Participant Pin code.

    • Where can I find training content to get the most of the solution?

      You should have received an email titled “Welcome to the Arkadin SmartStart” a couple of days after the first Arkadin Welcome Email. You will find in this email a link to the SmartStart website which gives you all the information you need to start, schedule and manage a meeting in just a few minutes.