Video powered by Vidyo, empowers your workforce to benefit from face-to-face meetings whether they are on the move or in the office.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface, consistent with any device, helps drive adoption of the system and helps reduce travel cost whilst boosting productivity.

Why choose Video powered by Vidyo?

  • High definition for a superior user experience

  • Connect mobile or disparate teams with video conferencing from any network with 3G/4G or Wifi

  • Get access to Video HD Rooms with hardware provided, such as cameras and monitors

  • Video harnesses Adaptive Layering Technology, allowing for high quality video streaming that can operate with low bandwidth

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, consistent between any device for optimal adoption

  • Innovative, affordable, video conferencing means Video is accessible for all employees, not a select few

Features & benefits

Brought by Vidyo

  • Video conferencing icon
    HD Video Sharing/Conferencing
  • HD content sharing icon
    Rich Content Sharing
  • Unified user interface
    Desktop, Mobile and Room System deployment
  • Presence
    Live presence and contact address

Enhanced by us

  • Audio conferencing integration icon
    Audio conferencing integration
  • Customer support in 19 languages
    24/7 Local Customer Support in 19 Languages
  • Support and adoption icon
    Adoption Services
  • Global local account management icon
    Global/Local Account Management
  • Cloud Hosting (Disaster Recovery, Service Assurance)
  • Enhanced visual communications
    Global POP (Point of Presence) - Product Performance
  • Video Conferencing For Everyone

    • Compatible with any desktop or mobile device and from any network with 3G/4G or Wifi
    • An intuitive and user-friendly interface across all devices
    • Delivered “as a Service”  enabling large scale deployments to all workers worldwide
  • HD Video Conferencing

    • HD Video reproduces images closer to reality (up to 1080p resolution)
    • Optimal video transmission with revolutionary Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology
    • Multi-participant conference (including guests) and application sharing
  • Secure Cloud Delivery

    • Hosted on our private and secure platform
    • Fast & scalable deployment throughout the world
    • Complete range of customer services for easy roll-out, user training, Help Desk and Professional Services