Ensure cloud communication is secure

77% of organizations are finding it more difficult to spot IT security or business risk brought about by employees when they are working remotely.
2020 Intelligent Workplace Report, NTT

Keeping your communication secure and your organization safe as well as compliant with all regulations is an absolute necessity. With a full or at least partially remote workforce, it is also an increasingly big challenge.

From employees using their own devices and applications to a significant increase in cyberattacks on remote working solutions, the risk of data breaches and leaks has risen dramatically in recent years.

To keep your security under control, you need to consider three major aspects:

1. Technology

When moving your communications to the cloud it is essential to choose the right technology and make sure it is properly installed. Microsoft and Cisco both offer secure solutions including multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption and advanced threat protection. Our teams help you identify the best technology and migration plan for your organization and ensure a secure set up, so your data is always protected.

43% of organizations have deployed new communication and collaboration tools to support increased remote working, but only 30% have changed and adapted their IT and HR policies.
2020 Intelligent Workplace Report, NTT

2. Governance & workplace policies

Further to deploying the right technology you also need to adjust your workplace policies and set up proper governance guidelines. Ensure your IT and HR policies are up to date and compliant with government guidelines.

And put a governance framework in place that clearly states which files can be shared with whom to avoid accidental leakage of sensitive information. Within our Cloud Deployment Framework, we offer governance workshops to help you map out the right setup for your organization.

3. Employee training

Once you have deployed the right technology and updated your policies, you need to make sure your employees adhere to them. Training on new applications and new ways of working is critical to ensure security. Only if your employees understand the potential risks of their actions will they change their behaviour in the desired way. Our teams help you identify the different user personas within your organization and build a tailored communications and training plan.

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