Prepare your business for the transition to Cloud UC

You’ve decided to move your communications to the cloud. But is you organization ready for the change?

Migrating to Cloud UC is about more than deploying a new technology. It is all about the people who will use it.

Who will use the solution in what way? Which functionalities do you need to enable for them? Which business applications need to integrate with your new UC solution? And how can you leverage existing communications investment? These are core questions to answer before starting to roll out your new UC solution.

And what about the employees themselves? Are they ready for a new technology? Where should you expect resistance and where can you find change champions to help you drive adoption after deployment? Make sure you have a plan and a group of core people to support the change within your business before starting your transition to the cloud.
We help you to prepare your business for the journey. In our workshops we complete an in-depth evaluation of your existing communications environment, identify and address risks, assess overall IT readiness and develop a full change management and communications plan for your employees. Find out more below.


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