Create leads and strengthen your brand with webinars

Webinars are an essential part of the marketing toolkit which you can tailor to your requirements, objectives and budget.

Whether you need an interactive meeting to announce quarterly earnings or a branded online event with global experts to reveal your latest product to a global audience in several languages, we have a scalable, flawless solution.

Tailored to your needs, webinars can:

  • Generate leads and revenue
  • Strengthen your brand awareness
  • Broaden audience reach
  • Extend the life of your content through on-demand access
  • Deliver significant ROI


Our team works with you to plan and deliver engaging content to enhance the user experience. Interactivity tools such as, live chat, Q&A, and polling questions are just a few of the features that keep your audience engaged. Real-time reporting and analytics dashboards give you the data you need to maximize the effectiveness of your programs.

With the industry’s leading mobile experience, our platform is designed to support all users anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Webinars are one of our leading channels for lead generation, but more importantly, are a great channel to get our message out to our customers and our prospects.

Dean Shaw, Global Advocacy Program Manager, SAS

Case study
Providing a better experience and human touch through innovative digital events

SAS is a global leader in analytics and for many years has used webinars to demonstrate and support their software solutions. When it came time to update their outdated and cumbersome webinar  solution, they turned to the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.

SAS decided on a self-service tool that would allow them to create and produce webinars on their own. Supported by robust training, best practice sharing and a shadowing program, the solution allowed the SAS team to create webinar templates which let them build and execute webinars much quicker. SAS creates and produces more than 500 webinars a year and finds customer feedback and surveys about their program overwhelmingly positive.


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