Enhance leadership visibility with clear, consistent communication

Ensuring that your leadership team is visible, accessible and understood is crucial for company success. If employees do not understand the overall business strategy or their contributing role, productivity suffers and employee engagement declines.

Through the power of digital events, you can bring your executives and their messages directly to your employees.

The live and interactive nature of digital events means that you can:

  • Deliver key company information without the need for travel
  • Allow employees to interact with the executive team through chat or Q&A platforms
  • Personalize the experience and foster knowledge transfer

Additionally, after the event, the on-demand content is available for all. This guarantees that employees have access to the information as and when they need it.

When the American Cancer Society streamlined its technology solutions, the IT team chose the Cloud Communications division of NTT to deliver a cost-efficient web meeting and event conferencing solution to support both small group meetings and large-scale interactive events.

Large, all-hands type webcasts are an essential component of the American Cancer Society’s internal communications outreach.
By providing our webcast services, the organization has a cutting-edge technology that supports audio, streaming video and slides in an interactive format that scales for viewing by thousands of employees and volunteers in their network.

‘The platform is extremely reliable and it allows us to create a much more engaging and dynamic program that our staff responds well to. 

Amy Hadsock, Director, Org. Communications, American Cancer Society

Case study
NTT Ltd. enables American Cancer Society to realize its potential for saving lives


Take a detailed look at our virtual event solutions and how they can help you. No matter your budget, infrastructure, or its complexity, we are here to partner with you to make your event a success.

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