Optimising the development and communication of medical content

  • Arkadin Digital Engagement works with you to deliver solutions to:

    • Optimise clinical trial efficiency through regular & seamless communications with all stakeholders (virtual investigator meetings, researchers update…)
    • Effectively leverage top faculty KOLs globally to conduct virtual steering committees and remote advisory board meetings
    • Build on-going and large scale digital medical education programmes
    • Increase reach of professional education via live surgery and product demo broadcasts
    • Collect insights on your targets’ learnings via assessment and Continuous Medical Education (CME)
    • Support the MSL mission with video contents
    • Provide value to your communities (HCPs, KOLs, medical societies, patients & influencers…) 
  • Key benefits of Arkadin Digital Engagement for MedEd

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      Digital medical success advisory to optimise your programmes and achievement of objectives

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      Project management and local implementation support in 30+ countries

    • icon-AV.png

      AV crew, studios and on-site support to KOLs/speakers all around the world

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      Live/on-demand content and multiple interactivity features to maximise audience engagement and learning experience

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      Multi-language webcasting and support


    Digital solutions enable you to optimise the relevance of your medical content

    Get the right people together regularly:

    • Engage and align with KOLs for Ad board & steering committee content discussions
    • Increase the frequency & quality of meetings without travelling or waiting for the next face to face interaction
    • Involve internationally based KOLs in messaging and content creation to drive higher attendance for the MedEd phase to HCPs.