Using digital content to drive communication with HCPs

  • The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound digital transformation that influences - or in some instances revolutionizes - the entire value offered to customers.

    As a pharmaceutical or medical device company, you focus on better equipping healthcare professionals with knowledge, studies , research and data to help them better diagnose and treat patients; it is essential for you to continually improve the medical content distributed and ensure it meets the needs of highly demanding HCPs.
  • In this context, Digital is both an essential tool to enable you to deliver content and strengthen engagement between HCPs and you, the content owners.  Arkadin Digital Engagement works with you to deliver solutions that give you the opportunity to:

    • Measure HCPs current knowledge & practice behaviours
    • Identify Education opportunities
    • Qualify the HCPs expectations in regards to new studies, content, research & data and provide the accurate content via videos, webinars…
    • Track HCPs behaviours and appetite for new content
    • Measure HCPs' new learnings & assess if practice behaviours change 
    • Create new relevant content and build overtime a fully integrated CLM practice
  • Key benefits of Arkadin Digital Engagement for Marketing and Commercial

    • icon-chat-technical.pngDigital engagement consultancy
    • icon-telecom.pngDedicated event project management
    • icon-AV.pngAV crew flexibility to travel to KOLs
    • icon-technical-assets.pngPortal, content, webcast & CRM platform integration
    • icon-digital-engagement.pngHealthcare digital engagement expertise
    • icon-webcast.pngBespoke webcasts and webinars
    • icon-streaming.pngOn-demand viewing editing and hosting
    • icon-multilanguage.pngMulti-language webcasting and support

    Which activities would a webinar be appropriate for?

    Attending your webinars is a commitment made by HCPs towards your content or brand; delivering a webinar could be considered for the following:

    • Pre-launch with significant Medical education/awareness needs to address
    • Product launch
    • New indication that requires new education campaigns
    • CME – Continuous Medical Education 
    • International KOLs webinars - digital enables you to leerage the world's best faculties and experts
    • Multi-country webinars 
    • Mature product/off-patent - Digital is a cost effective ways to engage HCPs while your reps and MSL can focus on other segments

    KOL Webinars are one piece of a comprehensive MCM Programme

    Webinars are proven to be a powerful and engaging way for you to deliver meaningful medical content to HCPs; this content can create direct learning opportunities between top KOLs and HCPs via live interactions. However, the MCM approach comprises many channels other than KOL webinars, which should all form part of your strategy, including:

    • Symposia
    • Websites
    • Face to face MedRep interaction
    • MSL
    • Self-direct web detailing
    • Apps
    • Text messages
  • Arkadin is the digital partner to market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, working together to leverage digital solutions to drive medical & commercial outcomes.

    We support our clients locally in more than 30 Countries and bring value from strategic thinking and campaign planning to execution and ROI measurement. Services include:

    • Multi-channel digital consulting & campaign planning
    • Digital event management webinars & digital medical meetings
    • Audiovisual and medical video content hosting
    • HCP dedicated portals & full data/analytics for a full 360° view of HCPs
    • Integrations to Veeva and other marketing solutions for closed loop marketing