Using digital content to drive communication with HCPs

  • The traditional go to market model for the pharmaceutical industry is being challenged by both Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), who have less time to meet medical reps or attend events, and regulatory frameworks.

    In this context, Digital channels are not only a user-friendly option but also enable Marketing & Commercial teams to build and strengthen HCPs engagement.

    Arkadin Digital Engagement channels are not designed to wholly replace face to face interactions but to help you build & optimise your omni-channels and closed-Loop Marketing activities:

    • Video content, webinars and virtual meetings channels enable you to collect data and continuously measure impact
    • Arkadin managed integration of Digital Engagement channels into your current marketing eco-system to create a superior Digital experience for your HCPs
    • A/B testing and leveraging the Arkadin Healthcare Digital Success practice for ongoing advice and consultancy
    • Access to hundreds of data points via integration of your CRM, database and data lake 
  • Key benefits of Arkadin Digital Engagement for Marketing and Commercial

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      Scalability: project management & local support available globally

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      Full integration capabilities to implement an omni-channel approach

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      Digital success consultancy

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      Multi-lingual - translation and transcription


    From standalone webinars to integrated omni-channel experiences

    Webinars & videos can be an effective way for HCPs to access your content but it is critical to build a cohesive customer journey across all channels to maximize the impact:    

    • Build content that provides high value to your customers 
    • Snackable formats will encourage multiple touch-points
    • Constantly leverage Arkadin data points to measure impact 
    • Digitally engage your medical reps too, to ensure sales readiness  
    • Leverage integrations with your HCP portal, marketing automation & overall marketing eco-system
    • Drive constant A/B testing and gather feedback from your customers



    How 'Digital' can be an enabler to successful face to face interactions with MedReps

    Success factors for Digital Engagement with HCPs

    HCPs are limiting their time and availability for conversations and increasingly preferring to access information online. A Digital Engagement programme can help you to deliver the right content at the right time to HCPs, track access and interest and thereby inform more meaningful interaction.

    4 step methodology with clear deliverables to ensure your Digital success:

    4 step methodology with clear deliverables to ensure your Digital Success