Arkadin Digital Engagement Solutions

  • Harnessing the power of digital channels is fundamental for improving the customer experience.  For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), regular delivery of valuable content, providing access to KOLs, tracking areas of interest and gaining insight into their preferences facilitates informed conversations.

    Digital Engagement also enables you to co-ordinate effectively across channels, teams and stakeholders; for example, to optimise clinical trial efficiency through communication with geographically dispersed investigators.

  • Arkadin works with 7 of the world's top 10 pharmaceutical companies to:

    • Leverage videos, webinars & HCP portals to offer an on-going added-value engagement with all healthcare communities (HCPs, KOLs, patients, MSL/MedRep, investigators…)
    • Deliver digital medical education programmes & online CME to HCP communities
    • Conduct engaging internal communication updates, including town halls and on-going training across the enterprise
  • Our Arkadin Healthcare Digital Success Practice includes four key stages:

    Arkadin Digital Engagement, delivering solutions for:


    Medical Teams

    Are you delivering education & insights via your audience's preferred channels?

    Arkadin works with Medical teams to:

    • Optimise clinical trial efficiency with seamless investigator communications 
    • Effectively leverage KOLs globally to conduct remote advisory boards
    • Increase the reach of any symposia or KOL talk 
    • Increase efficiency of professional education via live surgery broadcasts
    • Delivery patient advocacy programmes
    • Support the MSL mission on the ground with added value video content

    Marketing & Commercial Excellence Teams

    Are you offering an integrated and optimised, omni-channel customer journey?

    Arkadin works with marketing, commercial excellence and digital teams to:

    • Optimise the customer digital journey with video content, webinars, video meetings...
    • Move from standalone touch-points to on-going engagement via HCP portals 
    • Fine-tune lead scoring and ensure marketing / commercial KPIs are met
    • Facilitate an omni-channel approach, integrating HCP touch-points into your CRM 
    • Increase reach of congresses, symposia and medical rep teams 

    Internal Communication

    Are you leveraging virtual channels to engage your workforce?

    Arkadin works with internal communication, leadership and public affairs teams to:

    • Actively engage your workforce via live/on-demand video presentations 
    • Offer persistent internal video capabilities to increase knowledge sharing 
    • Leverage technology to deliver polished and professional town hall meetings 
    • Encourage bottom-up feedback and high levels of interactivity
    • Overcome geographic boundaries to improve company, departmental and team communications

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