Enjoy simplicity

  • Video conferencing

    Video conferencing

    Make face-to-face meeting in HD possible from anywhere

  • Screen share

    Screen/ Application Sharing

    Share your desktop or application in real time

  • Universal interoperability

    Universal interoperability

    Connect multiple collaboration technologies in a single meeting.

  • Recording

    Record your important meetings to review and share within your business.

  • Telephone

    Voice call

    Integrated audio conferencing to ensure the highest quality calls.

  • Support and adoption

    Meeting management

    Stress free video calls with our fully managed service.


The Digital Meeting Space giving you flexibility to meet across audio, web or video how you want, when you want.

ArkadinVision takes the stress out of meetings and empowers users to choose when and how they want to connect to their meeting. Audio, web and video conferencing has never been simpler, regardless of whether you joining via your desktop, mobile or video conferencing room systems.

BlueJeans provided by Arkadin

Cloud based video conferencing connecting multi-endpoints

Video conferencing that allows anyone to join. Whatever technology, whatever the vendor or whatever the location.

Video Managed Services

Let the experts manage your next High Definition video call

No matter how big or small your business or organization, you can meet face to face in HD with anyone, anywhere.

ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo

HD video conferencing in the office or on the move

Your complete cloud-based video conferencing solution offering HD video calls through desktop, mobile and traditional room systems.

Cisco CMR provided by Arkadin

A flexible cloud-based video conferencing service for WebEx Meeting Centre

Benefit from multi-endpoint video conferencing from anywhere, any device and any system with rich web content sharing features.