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Are your meetings private? Secure? With Microsoft Teams, privacy and security are built in

Reinvent meetings

Microsoft Teams automates the life cycle of meetings and saves time so you can get more done

Regardless of the size of your meetings—1:1 meetings, larger online meetings, or live presentations to a large audience—Microsoft Teams offers the ideal private, secure meeting environment.

Microsoft Teams meetings allow for one-touch connection enabling users to share audio, video and web content both inside and outside of your organization through a consistent experience across multiple platforms.

Our users find Teams meetings more effective and collaborative than typical conference calls due to features such as scheduling assistance, meetingnote taking, screen sharing, easy meeting recording and instant messaging. You can even leverage the built-in AI tools for additional functionality.

Microsoft Teams meetings can even accommodate very large events—up to 10,000 participants—through its Teams live events feature. When paired with our specialized event production services, your large meetings, webinars, company-wide events and trainings will be delivered without a problem, every time. Our event producers allow you to focus on your message while we take care of the production details.

Microsoft Teams

Get to know Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a complete enterprise collaboration hub for teamwork in today’s modern workplaces, simplifying the meeting experience before, during and after your meetings.

  • Before meetings: Invite internal and external guests with ease. Chat with attendees to gather pre-meeting questions. Access previous meeting notes and recordings easily.
  • During meetings: One-click meeting joining starts meetings on time. Share content, video and notes easily to keep everyone focused. Simply capture audio, video and screen-sharing recordings or take advantage of automatic transcription to improve accessibility.
  • After meetings: Share recordings and notes for easy reference. Chat with attendees to keep the conversations going. Easily schedule follow-up meetings.

There’s more to Microsoft Teams than many companies know, and they’re only scratching the surface of its capabilities. Want to realize its full potential and make your transformation to Teams a success? Let us guide and support you through what can be a complex transition. We seamlessly transition global organizations to Teams every day and fully integrate Cloud Voice into Teams for the best possible experience. Our workshops and Cloud Deployment Framework methodology will have organizations on their journey quickly, on time and within agreed budget.

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The field guide to adding Voice to Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams live event services

Helping you to maximize your Microsoft investment

Reduce the cost of internal and external enterprise events Digital events on a budget is possible. Move away from high-cost, in person events and replace them with high-quality virtual events at a fraction of the cost. By combining our white-glove production services with the Microsoft Teams live events platform – part of Microsoft 365 – we can guarantee just that. Let us help you communicate with large and high-profile groups, leave attendees with a positive brand image and meet your budget – all using existing technology.

You can easily deliver studio-grade, high profile events from within the Teams application. You will benefit from the same functionalities that you enjoy daily, such as being able to broadcast your screen and webcam in seconds or connect professional cameras, audio and more with external production.

Our production services

We understand that using a new tool for large scale, live communications can be a daunting prospect. As an established Microsoft Gold Partner, our dedicated production team can manage and produce your events using the Microsoft Teams live events platform.

We deliver Microsoft Teams live events remotely or work with you on location. From planning to the on-site management by professional AV crews, we deliver a polished and professional Teams event live experience to your attendees. All event management aspects are covered, whether your event involves a live audience, online attendees only, or a hybrid of the two. We provide the reassurance and expertise that enables event organizers and presenters to focus on the content.

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Reducing the cost of enterprise events

BlueJeans gateway for Microsoft Teams

Many clients fail to understand that their users won’t be able to conduct Teams video meetings on their existing video conferencing systems without a gateway to provide a connection. Don’t worry – our partner BlueJeans offers the ideal solution.

The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams allows you to extend the infrastructure you already have with Microsoft Teams and offer a consistent experience for your end users, regardless of room system hardware.

The BlueJeans Gateway:

  • Is compatible with H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing room systems, making the most of the investments you’ve already made with vendors such as Poly, Cisco, and LifeSize
  • Extends consistent simplicity to room systems from multiple vendors Provides a one-touch experience for a fast and intuitive way to join Teams meetings
  • Provides a one-touch experience for a fast and intuitive way to join Teams meetings
  • Displays all scheduled room meetings for quick access and at-aglance status checks
  • Is hosted in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud computing platform
  • Allows you to deploy Teams as a comprehensive solution, faster

With more than one billion cloud-connected room system minutes supporting over 19,000 different room systems, BlueJeans Gateway means you can commit to Teams without replacing your existing room systems. Rely on our experience, partnerships and knowledge of both the BlueJeans and Microsoft ecosystems to support your cloud communications transformation.

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

As a Microsoft-certified native-built cloud solution for Microsoft Teams, you are able to record and archive your meetings, screen sharing, calls and chat. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, it securely captures multi-channel communications while integrating seamlessly with your collaboration platform.

Protect your business and ensure you are meeting legal or compliance requirements with ASC Recording Insights. From the retrieval and analysis of recordings to detect fraudulent behaviour to the improvement of how your employees meet and collaborate, compliance recording can help you drive better business performance.



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