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FastTrack is a Microsoft-funded program that accelerates your organization’s move to Microsoft 365 - with no additional cost to your business, as it is already part of your Microsoft subscriptions.

FastTrack, delivered by the Cloud Communications division of NTT, is designed to remove the challenges and complexity of migrating from an on-premises environment to cloud based solutions. You also have access to Microsoft and NTT certified experts who will guide you through your deployment and ensure the success of your project with our Adoption and Change Management services.

Understanding Microsoft Teams

There is more to Microsoft365 than many companies realize and they’re only scratching the surface of its capabilities. Do you want to understand the full potential and make your transformation a success? Let us guide and support you through what can be a complex transition. We seamlessly transition global organizations to Microsoft365 every day for the best possible experience.

Adding Voice to Microsoft Teams

Journey to Microsoft Teams

The time is now for organizations to embark on a new journey and rethink their communications strategy. Advancements in cloud technology are evolving at a rapid pace. With it comes a shift within the Unified Communications landscape, with more organizations seeing the value in moving their communications from on-premises to cloud-based platforms.

When it comes to technology, those looking to move to a cloud-based Unified Communications platform such as Microsoft Teams look set to reap a multitude of benefits.

When combined with voice, you can boost user productivity, increase effectiveness and speed up communications. The financial gains presented by the cloud voice opportunity makes for an even more compelling reason to move.

Journey to Microsoft Teams

Accelerate with FastTrack

60k+ clients enabled
52k+ Success Plans created
12.6 PB data migrated to date
1-month average time reduction to onboarding