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Cloud Voice for CX

When it comes to cloud telephony there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Cloud voice solutions put enterprises of all sizes on the right path to modern communications. We deliver cloud-native communications services that cover all your voice and Customer Experience (CX) requirements. 
Cloud Voice for CX provides scalable access to your customer experience solution with costs based on usage and capacity available whenever you need it without upfront CAPEX investment.
With our voice service which is designed for CX environments, you can handle large volumes of incoming calls, run call queues, contact centers and more. We minimize complexity and consolidate your voice services into a single cost-effective enterprise communication solution tailored to your needs.

Customer case study

Jensen Hughes were hampered by an outdated telephony infrastructure; they needed a solution that would meet the requirements of multiple lines of business and different locations in a single user experience available across numerous devices. 
Jensen Hughes chose to exclusively use Microsoft Teams globally to support all their collaboration and communication needs, including full PSTN telephony integration.
‘NTT Ltd. represents a single vendor, a single point of contact. We’ve got change management, communications, project management–all those disparate elements all in one spot–a unified space within NTT Ltd.’ 
James Rippetoe, 
Vice President of Information Technology, 
Jensen Hughes
Case study
Expanding their footprint, improving offerings and saving 50% with a consolidated Cloud Voice solution

Guide to Cloud Voice

Creating a secure, modern workplace environment that allows you to connect employees and customers in a seamless and secure way, regardless of their location or device, is fundamental in today’s world.
Cloud Voice provides a simple and unique way to interconnect your IP, PBX, contact center or unified communications platform to the telephony world while significantly reducing costs. If you need to switch from office-based working to remote working, your employees can simply log on to their devices – laptops, tablets, mobile phones - and their office phone number is right there with them. If you need contact center functionality, you can you divert calls to people anywhere in the world. 
Read our guide to understand more about Cloud Voice:
A beginner's guide to Cloud Voice

What is Cloud Voice?

With more businesses switching from office-based working to remote and moving their communication and collaboration tools to the Cloud, cloud-based telephony is the next step forward in integrating data and devices. 
Cloud Voice is natively integrated with major Cloud PBX and Unified Communications (UC) solutions including Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. The transition to a voice service in the cloud should be simple, without compromising on quality. 
Whether you have 300 or 300,000 employees, you can securely use voice services from any location without the need to manage network capacity, platform location and local regulations.

'Customers who make the move to Cloud Voice see 40-60% savings on average.'

"What exactly is Cloud Voice?" Part Two