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Cisco Unified Communications 

Transform your meetings and set the path for greater cloud adoption

In the modern workplace, being productive means being able to work together in different ways – wherever, whenever and on any device.

This involves the use of various collaboration tools, which include: IP telephony, web and video conferencing, voice calling and more. Unified Communications (UC) solutions deliver the integration of these tools, enabling seamless user experiences to help people work together more efficiently.

We take advantage of Cisco’s industry-leading UC applications to deliver features that include integrated voice, video, mobility, and presence services across endpoints, devices, and applications.

Our consumption-based services include a complete Cisco collaboration suite that comes with the full cloud benefits of quality, predictable costs and reduced administrative complexity from a single platform provider.

Webex Calling

A full-stack, carrier-grade enterprise communications solution that enables you to seamlessly migrate your existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Webex Calling is a complete cloud-based communications solution that combines all the enterprise-grade features of a PBX with the Webex App. It offers a complete calling and collaboration experience that can be integrated with intelligent devices in any workspace.

Because an agile and scalable platform eliminates the need for capital investment on your part, you reduce operational cost, improve productivity and increase revenue when you migrate your mission-critical business communications to cloud.

As your Cloud Communications provider, we deliver the voice network, tailored calling plans that are available in 30 countries and the expertise to help you migrate at your own pace.

Our expert teams span over 30 countries and are here to support your business transformation journey as a single point of contact - starting from the implementation stages, all the way to account management and user training.

We take the complexity of creating a modern workplace out of your hands, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities.



Cloud Transformation to a smarter workplace
Navigating Cisco licensing changes with NTT

Calling Plans for Webex Calling

Our Universal Calling Plans are specifically adapted to Webex and deliver cloud voice services that can be natively integrated with Cisco Cloud UC.

Our Cloud Voice solutions put enterprises of all sizes on the right path to transform into a modern workplace. We deliver cloud-native communications services that cover all your Voice and Customer Experience (CX) requirements.

Cloud Voice is natively integrated with major Cloud PBX and unified communications solutions including Webex. As a trusted partner, our Universal Calling Plans enable you to leverage cloud-native voice services to connect your employees and future-proof your unified communications.

Because our Cloud Voice services are universal and interoperable, they provide the same suite of capabilities regardless of the communications systems used – whether it is Cloud UC, on-premises or hosted PBX. With that, our clients enjoy deployment flexibility across the entire migration process when they embark on their business transformation journey with us.

Once Cloud Voice is in place, it’s the constant element during migration and lets you stay in control of the timing of user migration – so there is no need for new contracts, plans, user numbers or changes in pricing.

Our calling plans are available in 30 countries and allow you to “mix and match” your calling plans to meet your global voice requirements.

Further, as a single platform provider, we remove the complexity of managing multiple carriers as contracts, billing, infrastructure and support are all consolidated.

Our global scale and industry partnerships means we can deliver and tailor cost-effective Cloud Voice solutions to your organization, whether you have 300 or 300,000 employees.

In addition, we are built on the ultra-fast and resilient NTT wholly-owned worldwide backbone network and are a tier-1 carrier-grade portfolio of services with 99.99% SLA.

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Universal Calling Plans

Local Gateway for Webex Calling 

Local Gateway for Webex Calling provides cloud voice access to your existing telephony estate to create a unified experience for all your end-users.

Local Gateway for Webex Calling helps you maximize your voice coverage to serve any hard-to-reach branch offices, while leveraging your existing carrier to deliver Cloud Voice.

Our Cloud Voice services remain the same, regardless of the communications systems used, simplifying your path to cloud migration by letting you move at your own pace while leveraging your existing IP PBX.

As your trusted partner, we are here to support your business transformation journey as a single point of contact, delivering cloud telephony solutions for both IP PBX and Cloud UC, as well as migration and professional services.

A single platform provider, our expert teams deliver end-to-end migration and deployment support, as well as professional and proactive support services. All with the aim of helping you meet your performance, security and transformation goals.