Improve employee experience and boost engagement with video and webcasts

Employee engagement is the key to any company’s success. A committed and motivated workforce leads to a rich company culture and ultimately increases the chances of business success. Employee experience (EX) has also risen in strategic importance as employees are recognized as being fundamental to building an agile and successful enterprise.

88.9% of organizations recognize the value of employee experience as important to the organizational strategy.

NTT Ltd. 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report, October 2020

Good internal communication has a positive impact on EX and can boost employee engagement.  By using video and webcasts, you can enhance your communications channels and enable two-way dialogue between employees and executives. 

Benefits of webcasts:

  • Capture a wide audience including remote workers
  • Connect and interact with your audience
  • Reduce costs by eliminating travel costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by limiting travel to your event
  • Increased engagement through an interactive platform


Digital Events webcast technology and worldwide team provide Hatch with a complete package for staging global meetings.

Hatch, one of the world’s pre-eminent suppliers of technical and strategic services for the mining, metallurgical and energy industries, required a single vendor to provide webcast technology to reach its 10,000 strong global workforce.

Our Digital Events team provided a single, turnkey service that allowed Hatch to create easily managed internal events where all employees receive company updates via webcast.

‘Cloud Communications had the full array of audio, video and multimedia solutions, plus experienced engineers and support technicians in South Africa as well as Ontario, Canada for pulling off our large general meeting.’

Stephen Goodger, ICT Lead Operational Management, Hatch
Case Study
Digital Events provides Hatch webcast technology to reach its workforce


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