Our workshops can be delivered remotely or face to face and we offer various areas of focus, depending on your needs. Workshops often include a Change Management Practitioner, Governance Specialist, UC Consultant and Technical Architect depending on your requirements.

Having your stakeholders included is crucial for the success of the workshop and we can help you identify these before we start. Once the workshops are completed, we will deliver a plan for your migration to begin, considering all technical and people challenges to meet your business objectives.

The Teamwork Assessments have been designed for our experts to work with your IT leaders to identify use-case scenarios, create strategic alignment, and define actionable roadmaps that deliver transformational business value.

We offer the following Teamwork Assessments:

  • Microsoft Teamwork Assessment
    This engagement is delivered by our highly experienced Professional Services Team and will deliver a comprehensive Customer Success Plan for Microsoft Teams. This will help you ensure your migration to Microsoft Teams is a success and allow you to realize the ROI on your Office 365 investment. We offer a range of assessment options for this engagement
  • Teams Security Workshop
    Enable your team to work from anywhere with a remote workshop to securely deploy Microsoft Teams. With this one-day workshop, we’ll show you how you can use Microsoft Teams to maintain and enhance productivity within a secure and controlled environment.
  • Rapid Response for Business Continuity
    Activate Microsoft Teams with the complete Meeting and Calling experience to quickly enable flexible working practices. Start your activation with our remote workshop and maintain the office experience for your employees working from home or any other location.
  • Teams Wi-Fi Assessment
    We understand the move to Teams has many considerations and we have developed an assessment to specifically focus on your existing network infrastructure to ensure its ready for the increase of media rich collaboration via Microsoft Teams. This workshop will prepare your environment and ensure you deliver a quality experience for your end users.
  • Teams Adoption and Change Management Workshop
    Ensuring your users are prepared for the introduction of Teams is critical to the success of your project. Our Change Management Specialists will work with you to provide a plan that will activate user participation from the very beginning and provide a training path to ensure a smooth transition and continuous engagement.

Ensure your first step to successful deployment is a
Microsoft Teams Workshop Assessment

  • What does the Teams Workshop include?

    We work with organizations, globally and locally, to support all aspects of their Microsoft Teams migrations including Cloud Voice, Meetings, Collaboration, Network Readiness and the People Change considerations ensuring success for your people and your technology.

    We build a customer success plan that expedites the technical change and facilitates people change. We understand all organizations are unique and have a variety of challenges to achieve ROI so we tailor our workshops to suit your needs and focus on your priorities.

  • How long are the workshops?

    We have developed the workshops so they can be delivered in either 1 or 2 days. Our UC Specialists will contact you to discuss your specific considerations for implementing Microsoft Teams.

    The workshops will be delivered by our professional service team, engaging with your business decision makers, technical team and change managers within your organizations so that we cover all aspects of your Teams deployment.

  • Success Plan:

    As a result of our Teams Workshops, our professional services team will produce a comprehensive Customer Success Plan that will allow you to consider the technical and people considerations for a successful deployment to Microsoft Teams.