The Connected Business: How and Y - Strategies for Retaining Millennial Talent

Keep the tech-saviest segment of your workforce

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  • We realise that once you decide on a new way to collaborate, this is just the start of the journey.  
  • Getting your users excited and motivated to start using the new service soon after launch is paramount, so that you start to leverage the business and workstyle benefits quickly. (Users may include your own employees within your company but also partners and clients).  
  • Whether it’s a question of a simple change of dial-in details to a conference call, or a more pronounced change, such as abandoning the traditional desk phone in favour of a headset – or starting to use video for the first time – there are specific tools and expertise needed to fast track this transition.


  • Arkadin has 15+ years experience in the collaboration business, so we understand how best to get your users activated, whatever communication tool they are using.
  • Arkadin has 37,000 collaboration clients world-wide and we work with these clients on a very individualised basis to create fast start programs for them which are simple to follow and highly effective.
  • These new user ‘onboarding’ programs may include digital marketing communications, customised training, on-site events or other methods.
  • In addition to this, we have dedicated Customer Success teams in each region whose job it is to make sure that your new service gets up and running smoothly!


  • The great benefit of working with Arkadin is that we commit to stay working closely with you until your new service is embedded within your company and working well.
  • Leveraging our deep expertise here will save a lot of time and remove this headache from you.


To find out more about our Customer Success team and new user fast start programs please contact us.

The Connected Business: How and Y - Strategies for Retaining Millennial Talent

Keep the tech-saviest segment of your workforce

Case study

Prior to the forum, Arkadin’s event team studied the venue, checked the acoustics and carefully tested the audio and video quality to ensure they met all the customer’s requirements. To make this remote conferencing project even more significant, Mr Mitsumori decided to use it as an in-house demonstration of iPad functionality. 

Teaming tablet terminals with remote collaboration tools to establish a user-friendly and unobtrusive solution for everyone on-site. Our original aim was to enable global executives visiting Japan to convey their message directly to key management personnel at our sites around the country. We needed a progressive way to bring costs down without sacrificing the real-time nature of the communication.
Wataru Mitsumori, IT Support, Nestlé Japan