7 Most Common User Adoption Challenges Facing IT Professionals

For many IT professionals, building a business case for investing in Unified Communications is only half the battle. Arguably, the most challenging phase of Unified Communications is getting end-users to adopt the technology, which also often falls to IT professionals.

There are many barriers to achieving a good end-user adoption rate, especially if users are not tech savvy, if time and resources for training are not available or if there is no clear strategy for how Unified Communications will be implemented.

Download our full guide to the most common user adoption challenges facing IT professionals and how to solve them:

  • Lack of user buy-in
  • Availability of training time
  • Proving ROI of unified communications to end users
  • Lack of implementation strategy
  • Lack of user competency
  • Choice of technology applications for users
  • Implementation is too disruptive

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