5 Strategies to Increase User Adoption and Boost your ROI

Getting your user adoption strategy right is crucial to the success of your Unified Communications program. In fact, end user adoption can often be the ‘make or break’ stage when it comes to your technology transformation.

To get the most out of your unified communications program and gain a competitive advantage, it’s imperative that your end users adopt the technology quickly. The sooner you can get your employees using Unified Communications, the sooner your organisation can begin to make significant cost savings and efficiencies, and position itself ahead of your competitors.

Download the full guide to discover the best strategies to increase user-adoption and boost your ROI:

  • Introduce the project to employees early on
  • Communicate the benefits of the technology for employees and the organisation
  • Share goals with employees and offer rewards and incentives
  • Turn adoption into a competition to bring in a fun element
  • Break adoption down into manageable stages

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