Arkadin Webcast

Arkadin Webcast is the easy way to conduct high-profile online events while accommodating budgets, travel limitations, and time constraints. Attract attendees from all over the world, deliver your message using rich media content, and qualify new prospects with audience interactivity tools.

  • Bring your event to life with animated slide presentations, polling and video
  • Build brand recognition through customized registration pages
  • Track webcast activity with the powerful reporting tools
  • Ensure the ultimate in quality by having an experienced production team
  • Target a global audience via a single online virtual environment

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Arkadin Audio Events

Arkadin Audio Events bring the most comprehensive services together with highly skilled operators delivering the finest event experience. From start to finish, Arkadin will help plan and execute your most detailed and important events.

  • Highest quality event supported by skilled operators
  • Build brand recognition through customized registration pages
  • Detailed event planning ensures everything happens on time and with precision
  • Tailor your message through advanced branding and scripting
  • Prepare for the event with a kick-off call and/or rehearsal call

Arkadin Web Events

Arkadin Web Event is our webinar solution for delivering presentations to a large or influential audience. Fully integrated with our high-quality audio conferencing, your presentation is communicated over the phone and supported online by slides, documents, application-sharing or even whiteboards, enabling you to reach many geographically dispersed attendees in one go.

Arkadin’s Event Managers help you organise your online seminar so you can concentrate on your core messages.

  • Time saving: Quick implementation, no time wasted travelling
  • High impact: Add visuals to your audio communication
  • Reliable: Dedicated live assistance throughout
  • Innovative: Boost your company image and reputation
  • Vertical solutions: Perfect for specific professional applications