A personal video conferencing solution directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet

It’s never been easier to conduct video-enabled calls over the internet! A simple application installation on a PC, Mac or Linux computer is all that users need to start communicating via quick and easy ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo. One-to-one calls or multi-participant conferences, Arkadin’s video conferencing solution delivers a high-quality, business-grade user experience for everyone. Invited participants can also join video calls directly from their web browsers. Additional communication features include a chat function and document sharing for an even richer collaboration experience. For users frequently on-the-go, mobile solutions are key. To support this new way of mobile working, the ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo application is accessible from most commonly used smartphones and connected tablets, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

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High performing video communication technology for your online conferencing needs

ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo runs on reliable, patented video technology to ensure the best possible video quality at all times. The latest video standard H264 SVC (soon H265) and Adaptive Layering Technology (a Vidyo patent) deliver a continuously optimal video experience in full HD, and recalibrated in real time to take into account device and network performance.

ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo features a personal video license for all users equipped with a connected computer or mobile device. A hardware room system and room video license transform any meeting room into a totally immersive telepresence video conferencing hub. Hybrid Audio joins participant audio connections via VoIP and/or PSTN calling in the same video conference. Legacy Video Connector provides interoperable connectivity between ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo and traditional legacy rooms like Polycom and Cisco Tandberg.

Gateway services bridge online meetings with legacy video room systems and tradition phones

Through advanced gateway services, ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo delivers secured* full interoperability between various end-points running on both new and legacy systems. Participants without access to the internet or video equipment can still connect to a video conference by simply dialing in on a traditional phone to join the audio portion only. This Hybrid Audio technology simultaneously and seamlessly connects VoIP and PSTN calls.

Arkadin’s Legacy Video Connector interoperability feature is also able to connect the ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo solution to traditional room systems, including Polycom and Cisco Tandberg systems.

* All Arkadin Video solutions are hosted on Arkadin’s secure cloud platform and delivered as a Service, based on predictable, affordable monthly fee structures. Professional and Customer Services assist clients from start to finish and through deployment to ensure that users get the most out of their Arkadin Video experience.