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Facial expressions and body language account for more than 50% of the effect of a message. Able to greatly reduce the risk of miscommunication, video conferencing has become one of the most sought-after collaboration solutions within companies across a range of industries. With the growing popularity of personal, social video calling, users are now increasingly more familiar with visual online communication and expect to find business-grade versions of their preferred video conferencing tools in the workplace. Still, most of today’s free video calling solutions lack the security and performance features as well as technical support needed to perform in a professional capacity.

From telepresence room systems to personal video conferencing environments, Arkadin delivers both hardware and software solutions to turn any existing video conferencing environment – including legacy end-points – into a scalable, interoperable solution accessible via the internet.

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Video hosted Services with ArkadinVideo

ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo seamlessly connects virtually any connected device with video capability, including personal computers, mobile phones and tablets in a single video call. Ideal for day-to-day video communication, ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo boasts industry-leading video technology: Scalable Video Coding (H264 SVC), high definition video image quality, and soon ultra-high definition quality and H265 capabilities. Affordable telepresence room equipment is also available through the ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo solution.

While the use of video as a mode of business communication has skyrocketed, video conferencing has proven invaluable to companies in several industries, enhancing collaboration, proactivity and overall efficiency (Healthcare and research, Human resources and investor relations, Consulting, Education, Training).

Arkadin Virtual Room bridging solution

ArkadinVideo Virtual Room painlessly bridges any existing video conferencing end-point, including Polycom, Cisco Tandberg, Microsoft Lync systems and more in the same online meeting to deliver a truly interoperable solution. Ideal for VIP users in your organization, the ArkadinVideo Virtual Room solution maximizes investment made on video equipment, connecting legacy hardware with new video-capable applications, including Microsoft Lync and web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Arkadin’s portfolio of award-winning video conferencing solutions provides affordable, scalable and interoperable video communication services. Video conference from any locations and from any connected device. For an additional level of reassurance, let Arkadin’s premium concierge service organize and host your most important video communications and events.