CTRC Case Study

Comité Régional du Tourisme et des Congrès (CTRC) was concerned about the costs of maintenance and management of their PBX legacy system. With two offices in two French cities and teams across both offices responsible for large global B2B client base, CTRC realized the need for change in favor of business efficiency and client service delivery.

However, they knew to manage change successfully at large scale, they needed a technology partner capable of technical migration from a legacy system to a dynamic modern cloud-based solution, without impacting the business operations.

CTRC relied on the Arkadin’s technical and change management teams to implement the transition in time and in budget. CRTC felt 99% confident about the appointment of Arkadin as an agnostic technology business partner to deliver change and help building a modern and dynamic workplace for the is versatile employees across France.

Arkadin assumed ownership of the project management process and worked in partnership with CTRC to deliver excellence. CTRC is now looking to Arkadin as a trusted partner.

Download the CTRC case study to learn why CTRC chose Arkadin.