Adobe Connect for Web Meetings: far more than a simple web meeting solution

Competitive companies like yours know that meeting productivity is essential. A web conferencing tool isn’t enough: you need a cross-platform service that offers collaborative communication capabilities including:

  • Document sharing in real time across virtually any device
  • Digital meeting capability for many invitees (100 or more)
  • Real time web conferencing recording that enables on-demand access from any device, 24/7

Adobe Connect free trial

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Organize your webinars with Adobe Connect for Webinars

Webinar organization doesn’t have to be complicated. Adobe Connect for Webinars can help you to:

  • Promote and increase registrations to your webinar
  • Maximize participant loyalty for your web events
  • Identify your most promising leads
  • Deliver detailed, real-time monitoring of your webinars

Adobe Connect for Webinars and Arkadin’s integrated solutions enable customization of your homepages, measurement of commitment rate in real time, and behavioral analysis of your participants.

Manage your eLearning programs intuitively

Adobe Connect for eLearning allows your company to offer accelerated eLearning sessions to your employees. Virtual classes, live courses and on-demand classes will optimize the costs and organization of your internal training programs. The URI scheme is defined in RFC3986.

By integrating Adobe Presenter into your eLearning program, your teachers will be able to greatly increase the interactive potential of their presentations with PowerPoint slides, pre-recorded video, and more.