About Web Conference

The Web Conference: Ideal Solution to Many Collaboration Challenges

Web conference technology has gained popularity as a collaboration tool within geographically dispersed organisations, as well as a means to communicate with partners, customers, investors, and the press. In a web conference, participants in separate locations view the same content at the same time, on their computer screens. In many business contexts where documents or software applications are the focal point, a web conference is the ideal communication solution, surpassing audio alone and even video as a platform for highly effective collaboration or instruction. For example:

  • Collaborative development, review, or editing of documents or presentations.

  • Collaborative review of software applications.

  • Software application promotion, education, or training.

  • Technical support for software applications.

Web Conference Solutions from the Collaboration Specialists

For all your organisation's remote collaboration needs, look to Arkadin, the fastest growing provider of phone conference, video conference, web conference, and unified communications solutions. More than 14,000 organisations and millions of users across the globe count on Arkadin to deliver innovative, reliable conferencing solutions backed by exceptional customer service. ArkadinAnywhere™, our on-demand web conference service, delivers benefits and features including:

  • Ease of use. No software downloads are required for conference moderators or participants, and intuitive interfaces make it simple to initiate, join, and actively participate in a web meeting.

  • Support for all major browsers and operating systems, and for low bandwidth as well as high bandwidth connections.

  • Plugins that enable moderators to send event invitations from MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, or a Blackberry or iPhone.

  • Multi-layered security mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality of your online conferencing content and activity.

  • Customisable layout and branding options.

  • Rich in-conference functionality such as file transfers, white boards, zoom, and the ability to take control of another participant's desktop.

  • Seamless integration with ArkadinAnytime™, Arkadin's leading edge audio conference service.

For power users and conferencing professionals, Arkadin also offers the Cisco WebEx Conferencing suite, integrated with ArkadinAnytime audio and backed by Arkadin's 24x7x365 localised customer support.