How to Compare Video Conferencing Solutions

The video conferencing solutions market has widened in recent years and solution seekers now have a range of options. When evaluating your alternatives, here are some important points of comparison that can help you identify a video conferencing solution that best serves your organisation's needs:

  • Ease of deployment and upkeep: Video conferencing solutions vary widely in their hardware and software requirements. If you have a legacy video conference system that you want to leverage, the ability of the new system to integrate with your legacy system is another variable to consider.

  • Ease of use: Here, take into account usability for moderators as well as regular conference participants. If the system is hard to use, adoption across your enterprise is unlikely, and you'll get little return on your investment.

  • Picture quality: Picture quality is another area where video conferencing solutions differ. As with ease of use, this is another factor that will significantly impact adoption rate across the organisation. A service that delivers choppy or fuzzy video will quickly fall out of favor among users.

  • Unified communications path: Increasingly, enterprises are thinking in terms of unified communications platforms that seamlessly integrate voice, video, and web conferencing capabilities. If you are not yet adopting unified services, make sure you leave yourself a smooth path for doing so in the future. Not all video conferencing solutions providers can deliver unified communication solutions.

Arkadin: The Premier Video Conferencing Solutions Provider

Arkadin is the business collaboration specialist, providing high quality audio, video, and web conferencing solutions for thousands of organisations and millions of end users worldwide. At Arkadin, we're devoted to delivering a superior collaboration platform for our customers:

  • Arkadin employs a cloud service model that allows fast and easy deployments even for our largest global customers. No costly or complicated hardware is required; any PC or laptop with a webcam can easily become part of a multi-point video conferencing system. At the same time, any standards-based modern room system can participate in an ArkadinVideo conference, and our gateway technology supports integration with legacy Polycom, Tandberg, or MCU based systems.

  • Arkadin's video conferencing solutions are user-friendly enough to make even novice participants comfortable, while moderators benefit from productivity tools that make it easy to manage conference invitations directly through MS Outlook or Lotus Notes.

  • Leveraging a leading edge Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MLPS) private IP network and Scalable Video Coding (H.264) technology, ArkadinVideo delivers the best and most reliable HD picture quality.